5 Best Sandwich Maker Under 1500 in India Reviews & Buying Guide

In This Article Will Guide You to Choose the Best Sandwich Maker Under Rs 1500 In India, Everyone loves sandwiches. It’s our favorite to-go food at any time of the day. But it can sometimes take longer to make this snack than usual. Thankfully, we now have sandwich makers. More importantly, you can get the best sandwich maker under 1500 in India.

Unfortunately, the market is currently flooded with thousands, if not millions of different sandwich makers, and you could easily get confused on which one to purchase. But don’t worry, this article is in your best interest. Let’s take a look at some of the factors you should check when buying the best sandwich maker.

How to choose the best sandwich maker in India-Buyer’s Guide

Best Sandwich Maker Under 1500

When it comes to shopping online, a buyer’s guide will help you make the right decision. When you get to a physical store, you have nothing but the seller’s pitch and the description of the item to help you make the right decision. A buyer’s guide improves online shopping since you will know what to look for and how to get the correct item.

In this particular situation, we will show you how to get the right sandwich maker that is worth every penny, and you don’t have to break your bank to own one. So, without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

· Types of Sandwich makers

The most popular type of sandwich that you can get in every market is the electrical sandwich. More importantly, there are two main types of sandwich makers: the Panini press and the four-triangle sandwich maker. Each type gives you a different shape of your sandwich. All in all, both types of sandwich makers use electricity to operate.

· Size

Depending on the size of your family, you should consider the size of the sandwich maker that you are about to buy. For your general use, you can go with a sandwich maker that can hold at most two sandwiches simultaneously. However, it would help if you remembered that the larger the size, the higher the cost.

· Surface type

Without a doubt, the surface of the sandwich maker will subsequently affect the turn out of your sandwiches. That said, Teflon surfaces have less chance of having food stuck on the body than cast iron. What’s more, Teflon is also relatively easy to clean.

· Features

Unfortunately, conventional sandwich makers tend to have fewer features when compared to their expensive counterparts. All in all, with a bit of research, you can find an affordable sandwich maker at a pocket-friendly price. Now, let’s get to the best sandwich maker.

Top 5 Best Sandwich Maker Under 1500 in India Review

1. Prestige Sandwich Maker PGMFD

Prestige Sandwich Maker PGMFD

To start as off on the best sandwich maker is the Prestige PGMFD. This item is one-of-a-kind at an affordable price piece. That’s because Prestige Sandwich maker comes with cast aluminum grill plates, which make your sandwich crisp and tasty. More importantly, the power indicators found in this device are easy to use. The device also comes with a one-year warranty; hence you can shop with ease. That’s not all!

The Prestige Sandwich maker PFMFD comes in a portable and compact design, making it easy to store and carry around. The surface of this sandwich maker is also relatively easy to clean. That’s why the Prestige PGMFD is one of the best sandwich makers.

The power indicator in this device comes with two indicators. The red light means that the sandwich maker is one while the green one means that it’s on and the sandwich is cooked. That’s makes it safe to use and extremely easy to understand.

Key Features

  • Cast Aluminum grill plates
  • User-friendly with heat resistant features
  • The device has a one-year warranty


  • The sandwich maker is automatic and easy to understand.
  • Additionally, the Prestige sandwich maker can cook two sandwiches simultaneously.
  • It’s portably and compact
  • The device has a stylish and unique finish


  • The sandwich maker is not the ideal choice for large families.
  • Some customers said that they received damaged products.

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2. iBell Hold the World. Digitally! SM515 750-Watt Panini Grill Sandwich Maker with Floating Hinges

iBell Hold the World. Digitally! SM515 750-Watt Panini Grill Sandwich Maker with Floating Hinges

When it comes to size, then the iBell SM515 is the best sandwich maker that will suit your specific needs. The sandwich maker comes with a 6-months guarantee. Therefore, if you don’t like the item, you can return them to the seller. More importantly, the device also comes with adjustable hinges that allow you to adjust the appliance depending on the size of the sandwich.

The iBell SM515 is an excellent product, and it’s worth every penny. That’s because, aside from cooking the ideal sandwiches, it also has an elegant and stylish dark finish. Additionally, the sandwich maker features a red indicator that shows when the device is on. On the other hand, the green indicator shows that the grilling plates are heated.

Thanks to its impressive finish, cleaning the iBell sandwich maker is as simple as taking a walk in the park. And to add icing on the cake, the device also has a thermostatically controlled element. All those features are available in the iBell Panini Grill sandwich maker at an affordable price.

Key features

  • Thermostatically controlled heating
  • Grip handle with a black finish body
  • Shockproof body
  • Comes with a 6-month warranty


  • The sandwich maker comes in an attractive and elegant finish
  • It’s easy to use
  • With this device, you can make your sandwich in a matter of minutes
  • The cleaning process is relatively easy
  • Additionally, the sandwich maker is durable
  • You can make two sandwiches at the same time with this device.


  • The device takes too long to cook the sandwich
  • The length of the power cable in this sandwich maker is short.

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3. Inalsa Easy Toast INOX 750 Watt 2-Slice Sandwich Maker

Inalsa Easy Toast INOX 750 Watt 2-Slice Sandwich Maker

The Inalsa Easy Toast sandwich maker can be ranked as the best sandwich maker, thanks to its premium quality build. It is easy to use toast sandwich maker with 750 watts heating power. Therefore, this toaster cooks faster than most of the sandwich makers.

What’s more, the sandwich maker comes with a premium stainless body that instantly enhances the look of your kitchen. You will also love the fact that the sandwich maker comes with a grill cooking plate that you can use not only to make sandwiches but other snacks too.

And with the non-stick heating plate, the cleaning and maintenance of this sandwich maker are relatively comfortable. The cool-touch handle is also quite impressive, and so is the overheat protection. On top of that, the sandwich maker has rubber feet that ensure the stability of the sandwich maker when it’s in use.

Key Features

  • Safe and easy to use features
  • 750 W power
  • Compact design
  • Ready to cook lights


  • The sandwich maker has a non-stick coated plate that’s not only easy to clean but also maintain
  • It has powerful and efficient that it makes your toasts in just a few minutes
  • It has an easy lock that helps to lock the sandwich maker when in use
  • The cool-touch handle makes it safe to use the sandwich maker
  • The cooking indicators help you get the desired results when making your sandwiches


  • The sandwich maker has relatively small griller plates
  • Most customers complain about the durability of the sandwich maker

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4. Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 750-Watt Grill Toaster

Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 750-Watt Grill Toaster

If you are a sandwich lover, a sandwich maker is a must-have kitchen appliance. The Bajaj Majesty is a compact sandwich maker with a sleek look. This is a modern kitchen appliance that you won’t miss in most Indian family kitchens.

The toaster comes with highly durable and non-stick plates. And what makes this sandwich maker stand out among many in the market is that it removes all the excess oil and butter during cooking. Hence you get healthier food with less fat. We can comfortably say that Bajaj Majesty is one of the best sandwich makers under 1500 in India.

Besides the elegant, sleek finish, the sandwich toaster has an elegant grill plate with a non-stick finish. That makes your cooking not only hassle-free but also relatively easy to clean and maintain the grill toaster.

Key Features

  • 700 W
  • Power light indicator
  • Non-stick surface
  • Base support


  • It has a compact size that’s easy to carry and store
  • With this sandwich maker, you can make thick and stuffed sandwiches with ease
  • Fast cooking
  • The sleek finish allows easy cleaning and maintenance


  • The sandwich maker doesn’t have versatility in its use
  • It has overheating problems, which can cause the sandwiched to overcook
  • The appliance is quite delicate

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5. Pigeon by Stovekraft Egnite Plus Bread Sandwich Maker with

Pigeon by Stovekraft Egnite Plus Bread Sandwich Maker with Aluminium Nonstick Coated Fixed Plates (Toaster)

We all love a bite of the humble sandwich. However, making a good sandwich involves much more than just the recipe. You need a good sandwich maker to make a good toast. That said, if you are looking for a simple but powerful sandwich maker, the Pigeon by Stovekraft Egnite is the best sandwich maker under 1500. Therefore, it offers excellent value for your money.

This toaster comes with a very minimalistic design and is powered by a 750-watt motor. It also comes with large handles that facilitate easy management when handling the kitchen appliance. Also, it has deeper plates that ensure your sandwich gets the right taste and texture. And the best part is that you can make two sandwiches simultaneously.

Key Features

  • 750 W power
  • Big and deep plates
  • Light indicator
  • Instant cooking


  • The non-stick plate on the sandwich maker prevents the bread from getting stuck on the plates
  • It has easy to clean plates in case of any spillage
  • The sandwich maker has a light indicator that informs you of the progress of your sandwich
  • It has a sturdy and heat resistant body


  • The toaster can’t handle a lot of stuffing
  • Most people complain that the toast remains soggy or too soft

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Should I buy a sandwich maker?

If you are a die-hard fan of sandwiches, then of course yes! Thankfully, you can find the best sandwich under 1500 online when you know what exactly to look for. Today, sandwich makers are compulsory in most homes due to their ability t make work easier. With a sandwich maker, you don’t have to spend endless hours in the kitchen trying to prepare breakfast for your family. With only the press of a button, you could have your sandwiches up and ready within minutes.

How do you clean a sandwich maker?

Most of the sandwich makers listed in this article are relatively easy to clean. But if you don’t know where to start, then this section is for you. If you can remove the plates from the device, then you can remove them carefully. The next step is to place them in soapy water to break down any fat layers on the surface of the plates. Use a brush to remove any remaining food on the surface of the sandwich maker. Finally, rinse off the plates and leave them to dry before assembling everything back together again.

Unfortunately, not all sandwich maker plates are removable. And if that’s the case with your sandwich maker, then you need to be careful when handling it. Take a brush or a spatula to remove any dry remains in the device. Then use a sponge that’s soaked with soapy water. Wipe off all the remaining dry food and use a dry cloth to clean it.

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The main difference between a toaster and a sandwich maker?

As the name suggests, toasters will only toast the break. On the other hand, if you want to make a sandwich, you should buy the sandwich maker. With the sandwich maker, you can add fillings as you wish then place the sandwich horizontally into the appliance. That will ensure that the fillings do not spill out.

Most toasters will require you to place the bread vertically, which can be difficult if you want to put any fillings in the middle. With that in mind, toasters are only designed for browning your bread.

In Summary

Sandwich makers have been in the market for years now and will still be here for more years to come. But with the continuous technological advancements, these appliances are not what they used to be a few years back. That said, the new improvements make it easy to use the sandwich makers.

Additionally, you don’t have to break your bank account to own one of these items. Thankfully, with this article, you can now purchase a sandwich maker that’s effective and affordable. Stick around for more exciting topics.

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