How to Use Coffee Maker in 4 Easy Steps

Not all coffee brews are made the same way. And this is why coffee makers are made—they have properties that bring out the best in coffee.

A coffee maker is best used by someone who appreciates the drink. Nothing beats a great morning in the patio with a cup of coffee that tenderly dripped from the device.

But how do you use it?

Today, we’ll show you the step by step process how to use a coffee maker. Note that there are many types of coffee makers out there. What we will discuss today is a drip coffee maker machine.

Step 1: Position the Filter

A drip coffee maker has a filter and a basket. The first thing to do is to put a filter inside the coffee basket. Each coffee maker is designed for specific filters. You also have to consider the kind of coffee ground you are using when choosing a filter.

Here are the different types of filter:

  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Nylon
  • Cloth
  • Charcoal

Each filter delivers a distinct taste. The most common type is paper filter and it fits almost any basket.

Step 2: Pour Coffee in the Filter

This step is critical. The amount of coffee you pour has everything to do with how your coffee is going to taste in proportion with the water you use.

A stronger mix means you use a higher ratio of coffee to water. Coffee grounds packed for commercial sale always have instructions. You can choose to follow those or experiment your own brew.

Also, you can buy ground coffee beans ready for brewing, or you can buy those that you have to grind yourself. Grinding is another technique that determines how your coffee is going to taste.

Step 3: Pour the water

Every coffee maker has a water reservoir. This is the place where you need to pour the water. As mentioned earlier, it is up to you to decide the right proportion.

If you are just starting out, follow the recommended ratio from the coffee pack. Taste it, and then decide later if you want a bolder or a milder flavor.

Step 4: Turn on the machine

Once you turn on the switch, the coffee maker’s heater will get to work. But how does the process look like?

This is where the magic happens. Take a look at the journey of the water to your coffee if you use a coffee maker. This journey begins after you turn on the switch.

  • Electricity runs through heaters inside your coffee machine
  • The water is heated, and they start forming bubbles
  • These bubbles climb through the tube upwards
  • They drop in the shower head into the coffee basket
  • Each drop travels in the coffee ground, taking the coffee oil with it
  • The water infused with coffee passes through the filter
  • Now, the coffee drips in the container

As more water bubbles drop in the coffee basket, the faster it is going to flow. The heating element of the coffee maker has a sensor. This sensor measures the temperature of the water. It turns off and on by itself to maintain the temperature.

Finally, once the process is done, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee!

It is this process that makes brewed coffee taste so differently from instant coffee. The process is a slow one where the water drips into the coffee ground and absorbs its oil.

In instant coffee, the coffee ground is “shocked” by the water, and it has little time to get that oil so it tastes bland.


Coffee preparation is an art. The better your coffee tastes, the more you would appreciate your mornings. It helps you get to the right mindset to start your day. Ready to brew an awesome coffee? Choose from our selection of coffee makers and try brewing yourself!

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