Which Electric Kettle is better: Glass or Stainless Steel?

Tea kettles! When most of us come across this term, we immediately remember the copper, ceramic, or granite kettles that we were brought up knowing. These are the ones that most people trusted to keep their kitchens alive. After all, the engrossing odor of brewed tea all over the kitchen isn’t something most of us could take rightly you know. However, while all these aspects are still fine, you can’t compare with what you get from modern kettles such as the latest glass kettles as well as stainless steel kettles, which have gained great recognition in recent months. With the number of people buying these kettles on the rise, many buyers have been torn between the two, not sure of the one to buy. Well, let’s help you today;

Glass kettles

For glass kettles, there is the glass kettle for the stovetop and there is the electric glass kettle, which of course presents distinct advantages that will certainly impact the one you choose. The one used on the stovetop is ideal for those who prefer to boil water the old-fashioned way. They are quite simple to use and don’t require electricity, and when buying one, ensure that you go for the material that doesn’t break upon heating. Now, for the electric glass kettle, they offer more reliability with superior control of temperature. It has different buttons that offer an amazing choice of selection with whatever you would want the kettle to do, whether it is to boil water or brew tea or coffee. If black coffee is what you want, this kettle ensures that the beverage is prepared best on time. The kettles are cordless and rest on the wall for stress-free usage. Lastly, electric kettles have buttons that open or shut off the kettle after you are done with it.

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Stainless steel kettles

As for the stainless steel kettles, they neither discolor nor do they retain taste or odor. What this means is that, not only will the material remain beautiful and strong for years, but you will also be able to make as many drinks as you can, one after another, without worrying too much about the taste overlap. What’s more, you don’t need to heat it on a stove, meaning that you at least save on gas. So it allows you to be economical and eco-friendly at the same time. The kettle also offers extreme durability that ensures that it remains resistant to dents. Compared to other kettles, stainless steel kettles can easily withstand scrubbing, which is quite a unique feature.


If it is longevity and functionality you are after, then the stainless steel kettles are your go-to choice. Also, in terms of the costs, stainless steel kettles are pretty low as compared to the electric glass kettles. Glass kettles are aesthetically appealing, yes, but they trail the stainless steel in almost every aspect. This is to say that, even though the kettles virtually do the same thing, the stainless steel kettle is the one that wins the battle between the two.

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